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    Where is my avatar?

    Carol - that is so great you are going on vacation. I am sure it will be so wonderful for you. -me-
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    Um, not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I am trying this out. -me-
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    nbc news video

    Wow.....that's awesome! So uplifting and encouraging.
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    Severe Pain

    I wish there was a definite answer on pain. It seems that most say that pain is not part of this thing but then there are others who say they have pain. This seems to be a major symptom for my hubby these days. Still no answers though. He still has the twitching and some weakness. I wonder...
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    Carol - that is so wonderful you are going on a vacation. I can't believe it'll have been a year! The warm sun will definitely do your soul good. We went on a vacation this year at Christmas. One of the things we've learned this past couple of years is that life is short and you just have...
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    I agree that the show probably was more about ratings than really trying to educate. It seems like a good thing to present the illness and give some basic knowledge to people though. Maybe now some people will at least know the name and have a mental picture of what it might entail. Also, the...
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    Hi from Carol

    Kim - good to hear the update from you. In case you didn't find my catch up note, I've been gone for a bit too. It must have been quiet around here with Carol absent! I am glad to see you have been able to help with Tim more. I'm sure it is not easy emotionally but I know you have wanted to...
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    Hi from Carol

    Carol - it is so good to hear from you. I think it's good you took time for yourself. You need to look out for yourself first. It's also good you sought outside help. Sometimes we really do need that outside doesn't mean we're weak or lack faith. God put others in our...
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    Saddened By Lack Of Support.

    Hope - This seems to be an ongoing problem for many people. I'm sure many from this group will have suggestions for you but in the mean time, I'm glad you found this group for support. It really does give the support you need. STay with us!
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    Hello friends

    Al - glad to see you sound like you are keeping your spirit. Did I read something about a move? How is Lee? Theresa - We have been soooo busy. But, it seems it is starting to pay off. We aren't actually making any money yet but the rentals are supporting themselves for the most part. We...
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    Hello friends

    I haven't been to the site in a few months due to life getting very hectic. Hello to those of you who might remember me, I've missed all the discussions and friendships. I am trying to catch up on my reading to see how everyone is doing, but I hope and pray all are doing well. We bought 2...
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    Enery Levels

    Les - I just read your post and that is great that it is working out for you. I like your attitude about adapting! It is an encouragement to me to see people at all different places to see them adjusting....not that it makes every day perfect, but I'm sure it makes many days better. I will...
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    the greatest woman i know

    Lin - it certainly is an aweful experience, but as T said, you can't let it affect your studies. First, remember, your grandma is still the hero you've always known. She is the same, strong person you have known her to be despite her physical limitations. Continue to treat her with love and...
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    I Am Me

    Trish - great to hear you were able to put your poem out in the public. I'm sure it was as good for you as those who heard it. Sounds like you are staying active which is good for your soul. Melissa
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    mom diganosed als

    Jennifer - you are welcome here. This is a great place for support too! -me-