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  • My mom was diagnosed with ALS over 7 years ago due to slurred speech. She did not accept that diagnosis and looked into Lyme Disease. Turned out she was Lyme positive and has been on years of antibiotics. She also had breast cancer with a masectomy, chemo and radiaion. Now the cancer is back in her bones in the neck, spine and hips.

    Her Lyme Symptoms have gotten worse. She is almost paralyzed from the neck down. Having difficulty moving her arms and legs, she drools, chokes, cannot talk at all, is incontinent and is now having difficulty breathing.

    While I realize she does have lyme disease, I also think she has ALS. When I bring this up to her she adamantly refuses the idea. Everything I have read on this forum describes her symptoms to a tee! Is there something we could be doing for her to ease her symptoms if we could get her to an ALS center or is there nothing that can be done anyway, so we might as well keep her at home.
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