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  • Hello, how are you? I believe that if you are not losing strength and just twitches this points away from als. I hope this is true for you and that you can become better with time.
    Hello. How are you? I've been twitching for some years and it was bfs. Now I have ther other twitches from the disease and it is not equal. The twitches that I have now don't stop. The benign ones stopped sometimes. It is not the same type of spasms. I don't know how to explain but they are not the same. I had emgs the last one in this month. They were normal except for the fasciculations, but they were made in my arms and legs. Since my disease is affecting the bulbar area the emg is clean in other places. I don't care much about the twitches anymore. What is hard is the lose of strenght.
    I hope you can have other diagnosis.
    My mom twitched for 30 years. Twitching can be 100 other things. Go by the emg's, if they are clean there is no als. Don't worry, you don't have it. The emg's tell all and are foolproof
    Hi ,
    I had twitching first 2 years ago, then facis this year. If your emg's are ok don't worry, your fine. That tells it all.
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