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  • Hi, I am a fellow person undergoing testing for what could be one of many things, and I saw your post and wanted to reply but people who aren't diagnosed / CALS are not really allowed to comment on other peoples threads, so I thought it best to contact you directly!

    Only point I wanted to make was regarding Vit D, the neuro is correct when he says that low vit d doesn't cause twitching, however it can cause fatigue and muscle weakness. Equally, if not more relevant is that you also need Vit D to be able to absorb calcium, and if your calcium level gets too low then this CAN cause twitching. I only know this as during my tests it became apparent that I had very low vit d and calcium, and I am now taking medication to address. They are not convinced that this is the cause of my problems, hence why I am awaiting an EMG, but it could ( hopefully! ) be. If your calcium hasn't been checked its probably worthwhile getting it done!
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