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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Still here Mod note: please say hi to Max on this thread
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    say hi to Max here

    Re: PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever) Still here
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    Update on Max

    Thanks, all ... Hoping for home tomorrow. Ugly stories coming .. I
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    thoughts on the suicide thread

    >Perhaps the CALS talk about suicide is not good for PALS to read. I guess it's depressing. yup, but i like to have their perspective too ...
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    Clinic Visit and Memory Test

    >Max I get the feeling you possibly belonged to a group akin to Dead Poets Society. :-) >the 6 p's from my harvard mba prior planning prevents piss poor performance :-)
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    sleep aide

    >HOW do you keep all this straight in your heads? You know, brand names, amounts...? Sandy keeps a worksheet :-)
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    My other caregiver

    >This is Bella. She is my favorite nonhuman caregiver. She keeps my feet warm and always keeps an eye on the other caregivers. Loves to run beside my pwc :-)
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    Voice - going -going ...

    >bank your voice using Modeltalker, so you will have no regrets later on. Ditto that!
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    Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon Were Great

    >For now, I am recovering from the trip and starting to think about the next trip on the schedule, which is to Grand Junction, CO to visit friends. don't forget to peek across to our Front Range :-)
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    10 Things I Wish I Had Known About ALS

    >I learned that many nurses and doctors don't understand what ALS is, nothing worse than being sick and unable to speak yup!
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    Please read and share this powerful and poignant story written for Redbook Magazine b

    >Lucy does not enjoy the camera, just like her mum! :-)
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    PUB is open....

    >Mark you popped in my head when I heard this song..... :-) perfect!
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    Clinic Visit and Memory Test

    or the 6 p's from my harvard mba :-)