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  • whats your fvc now Max? Is the Gileyna helping? Erica just told me I have definitive ALS-could see it in her eyes before she said anything.
    >Does clean EMG like i got mean i shouldn't worry about ALS?

    usually. make sure you use an ALS specific neuro or clinic.
    Hey just want to know some info about EMG. I had a Clean EMG and Nerve test last night. It was done on my 2 legs and right arm.

    I am worried as to whether i should have also received in on my left arm, does that make any different if you have received it on 2 legs and one arm?

    also would something like Bulbar onset show up on EMG or nerve test?

    I feel like there is a lump in my throat, i have difficulty swallowing. My mouth is really dry

    Does clean EMG like i got mean i shouldn't worry about ALS?
    >It's really, really good to see you back, Max. Much grace and peace to you in the coming YEARS!

    thanks, Phil -- not too sure about years, but hoping for one Harbaugh season :)
    >Were you ever to breed your dogs this winter

    Maize needs to be two and have her hips done. I doubt I will be able to do a litter tho, as my arms and legs age progressing measurably :-(
    Hey Max,
    Were you ever to breed your dogs this winter? I thought they were supposed to go into heat this time of year for ya? Kim
    thanks, all -- trying too get activve again -- hp even gave me a good year end review instead of the disability boot since I really haven't done much since nov :-(
    So very happy to see you back here, Max. We really missed you! Get well, and stay well!...Steph
    We are so glad you are back on. You have been so missed. Please don't overdue it. Hugs, Kim
    Hi Max, heard you weren't feeling well. I hope you are doing better and we can read your funny posts again soon. Prayers for you.

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