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  • ">Snow in May is common

    thankfully! 75% of our water comes from the snow pack ..."

    Not the case this year it seems. Hope you and yours are doing OK. Am concerned since I saw all the flooding in your area. You and Sandy, please take care.

    Max I didn't want to hijack a thread, but the dog on the bed that sheoak in the bedroom?Wayne is a cabinet maker by trade, so we have a real affinity for wood in this house! He loves jarrah, we have A LOT of jarrah, but I happen to prefer sheoak. It has created many interesting...discussions...when deciding what wood to use in our house!
    God bless, Janelle x

    Ps there'd be no room for you and sandy with the poochies there!!
    Hi Max,
    I have read several of your posts and blogs I don't want to do anything wrong on this forum I already feel alone so this is all I have my dad was diagnosed with ALS july 2014 he is totally paralyzed now and in a power chair but he can breath and swallow fine ....yesterday we went to my dads ALS clinic appointment and now they are saying they aren't sure it is ALS my family is falling apart my dad is the heart and soul of our family and he is slipping away
    > I see it took the doctors 3 years to diagnose you

    neuro quacks who can't spell ALS - always see an ALS specialist! :)
    Hi Max, I have a question for you: I see it took the doctors 3 years to diagnose you. Did you have any abnormalities in your emg since the beginning? or everything appeared to be OK and they told you that you had nothing
    Hi max, just been reading a few posts. I had a flu needle 2 days before my major episode. What are your thoughts on the flu needle and exacerbation of symptoms? It's a question for my neurologist next week, but other people in the boat with me have such valuable input. Thanks, Janelle x
    >just a note on the last names list -- my husband died on 11/12/14

    thanks, Laurie -- I just updated it ... will publish this week. again, sorry for your loss.

    Hi, Max, just a note on the last names list -- my husband died on 11/12/14. Thanks for all the hard work!
    hi kim -- ok,, just tired and swallowing probs when @ computer :-(. did a 4 mi dog 'walk' tues ... was great to get out. :)
    Hi Max,
    Been thinking about you. How have you been feeling? My dad was so happy that the weather was warm enough the other day in Dallas and he was able to go out for fresh air in his PWC. Those things can go pretty darn fast. Take care, Kim
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