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  • You are a great typist! Bravo on mastering new equipment. I like you. You have a great attitude and share your thoughts with an open heart and honestly - Thanks for leaving me a little note. I get very lonely. It's nice to know someone was thinking of you.. right? My husband's last day at work will be April 1st - Fool's Day. lol. Where we will go from here - who knows. I've been reading blogs, posts, books, articles, essays, anything I can get my hands on or eyeballs on about our new companion ALS. Boy, it's a lot! but I'm remaining very optimistic. I have to. My Toby needs me to be -

    Say, let's be friends!
    Smiling at ya'
    A tiny better, i pop in for a few seconds. Still struggling. Very far behind in reading. Thanks for good wishes.
    Max, Hello and THANKS for your response to my introductory posting. Your courage gives me courage - AND I may need to ask you some questions down the road. You really made me feel less afraid. xoxo Nancy
    It is the ProBed. Look it up on the net, and I am sure you will be impressed. It was developed and manufactured in Canada, but most of their clients are from the US. They come to your house and set it up, and stay a couple to three days to make sure it is all working for you.
    Max, are you a veteran? If you are, I would like to suggest a really cool bed that turns you automatically, and with the head elevated. It is very expensive, but the VA will cover it. My husband just got it, but before that he was only able to sleep on his back. It was too difficult to turn him, and it caused pain in his right knee that he injured badly a couple of years ago. I have noticed that his feet are less swollen now that he is being turned throughout the night. It is tough having to move into a separate bed than your spouse, but it has been better for him.

    THANKS BUNCHES MAX!!! My dr says for me to keep working out, if I can do it....but lately I have been feeling like it is kicken my azz more than helping. DID YOUR DR RECCOMEND NOT LIFTING, or did you just hear about it on the forum? I used to be a bodybuilder..back in the day, but I just use lighter weights now 120lbs on benchpress,65lb curls and military press etc.
    Hey Max......I am curious about what you are medications you are taking for your bulbar als? Is your speech affected, that is really the worst symptom for me? Do you go to an ALS clinic, if so is it helping? I am not working (tattoo artist) because of my balance and speech, I am still doing light cardio and lifting weights to stay and keep strong..... don't know if I am doing more harm than good because it really kick my azz to workout. I installed a trike kit on my HD Roadking last summer, because I was having intermittent spasticity in my right leg, and can still ride it. Sorry for the TMI... just looking for your thoughts????Thanks
    I hope things are going better for you. I also live in Texas. I was diagnosed on the 5th of August by my local neuro. I'm going to Texas Neurology next week.

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