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  • I'm seeing absolutely nothing that should worry you. Your neuro told you the same. Do you think she's lying to you? If not (and she's not, by the way), then it's time you accept the fact that you're fine and that you have a minor, very common issue at your wrist.
    I get a weird twitch in my tongue. Sometimes when I move it when talking or eating it feels like it tenses up and when I look it has a small divot in the tip that pulses in and out like two times. I can actually make it happen myself. I also have body wide twitching which makes me anxious but the neuro told me its common and said I was fine. Also had a bad emg in my thenar muscles which she redoing in april( extremely anxious about that) it says I have a slight compression of the motor nerve in my hand. She wants to do the emg herself. Should I worry? Thanks
    Just want to say hello and I have a lot of respect for those of you with als. My uncle inlaw has had it 17 years. My father inlaw also has ms. So I've seen a lot of what others go through. I'm going to admit I have some anxiety that I am currently under watch of a therapist and good doctor. I recently had an emg on my arm done because my fingers felt like they didn't belong to me. I had slow motor conduction across the wrist ( diagnosed as a distal motor neuropathy compression at the wrist) and denervation in the thenar muscles. I was wondering is some one could tell me what 1+ and 2+ mean under positive sharp waves and also it says I have a few polys? Is that bad? Everything else said NI (guessing that means normal) I'm just worried because I've seen why my uncle inlaw goes through and my anxiety is high and just need some comfort. Body wide twitching has been a problem because I've been stressing over this. Thank you in advance
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