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  • Hello Mary, I hope your Christmas was a happy day. It's very cold and snowy in your area as I understand it, and I hope all your needs are being met.

    Hello Mary,
    I've just read the awful experience you encountered in hospital. How horrible! I've been wondering how you are doing; and thinking of the odd coincidence of our family weddings coming up in just a few weeks. Are preparations going well?

    Trust you are finding rest and peace,
    Mary, can you let me know if you need help crafting a complaint letter about your recent horrible treatment at the hospital? I am pretty good at writing such things and would be happy to help you and your family out if you need it. I am so bothered by your story and want to contribute to making it better.
    Hello dear Mary. Thank you for the friend invitation... I'm honored. I hope your spirits are up. I look forward to getting to know you better. XO, Ann
    Hey, Mary. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's home.Fight all you can. If you get to tired ,put your burden on the Lord and he will relieve you.Keep a positive attitude!There will be a cure.In the county I live in in 8 or more high school kids have been killed just this year in car accidents.So young.2 were boyfriend and girl friend.Life isn't promised to anyone.At least you have a chance!Live and cherish everyday,it's promised to no one.The way the world is going now it probably won't last another 10 years anyway.lol.
    Hello Mary, and welcome to the forum. Your question regarding light at the end of the tunnel...is piercing. I know that speaking for me, the Lord is waiting when this is over. His Word says much about this world and about heaven. Without Him, I would probably say... no. However, there is always hope that something will make your life easier, that you will have the love of friends and family to help you. There is a Christian thread found in the PALS area of the forum if you are interested. I wish you every blessing... and hope that you find encouragement here as well as a "listening ear". Ann
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