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  • We have gone to Dr. Bedlack. After quite some time of messing around with our Duke neuro's we finally made it to Bedlack. We like him. He is straightforward and compassionate at the same time. If it was not for him Tom would not have been awarded his VA benefits.

    Ken - you are in Durham and see Bedlack?
    I think I saw you last week downtown Duram! LOL
    Wish you the best-----------------------Hugs Ken
    Mary, I am so glad for you and Tom. The VA benefits make such a difference! Thank heavens they recognized BAD as a form of ALS. I know the VA in some states have denied it. I don't know what we would do without the benefits.

    You have a good week, too!
    Hi Mary ~

    I guess there are a lot of us out there :-(

    My husband was in the Navy from 1980 to 1993. He served in the first Gulf War.

    The IVIG treatments were aweful; within 1 week of the end of the treatment, Mike's fasciculations intensified substantially. He had terrible, unbearable headaches afterwards which the doctor called drug-induced menigitis. The headache lasted for 3 days and then started easing up. He was miserable. I felt so sorry for him.

    We too completed the paperwork for the VA benefits and earlier this month was approved at 30%. It took us 5 days to receive the first payment after the initial disability rating. That was a relief. The evaluation he had earlier this week is to hopefully increase his percentage to100%. He's not working anymore but was when we originally filed. Things change so fast. We applied for Social Security two weeks ago, but haven't heard anything from them yet.
    It is nice to share with others who know what we are dealing with. We have a tremendous support system with family and friends, but no one can really relate. I hadn't been checking this forum regularly but now that I am meeting so many CALS, I will try to check it more often. My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me outside of here. Once we hear from the VA again, I will let you know so you can put some sort of time frame on your claims. I too need the SMC and we must utilize the grants available to modify our home. Time is passing so quickly and this thing is progressing so rapidly in Mike, I am scared to death we won't be ready when he needs it.

    Take care,
    Yes it is Special Monthly Compensation. You need to get 10 posts so I can private message you. HUGS Lori
    Hi Lori - That is encouraging news. The doctor told which PVA to use. The PVA worked with the docs office and said to me that the doc knows what he has to do for this claim to succeed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I have had to hire people to do work around the house that Tom use to be able to do so any extra money will be greatly appreciated! What does SMC mean?
    Hugs, Mary
    PS - it is great to have someone to talk to about all of this!!!
    Good luck with the VA!! Did you submit a letter from the doctor with the claim?? Our doctor wrote a letter with the notice of disagreement we did when Les was only granted 30%, and it went up to 100% with SMC's right away. HUGS Lori
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