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  • Happy Labor Day MaryPie! Yum, apple pie with vanila ice cream? What time shall we drop by? ;)
    Hugs to ya!
    Lord I can't imagine planning lessons, and dealing with the loudness, and kids every day. I mean I know it has to be rewarding, but tiring. Get some rest this weekend, we already have a shop full to watch ballgames. no rest for me today:)
    Just wanted to say hey:)) I don't want you to be sad..I wasn't being nosy, just read it on Marta's page. Want a new friend?
    You are right Ms Pie - the sadness doesn't stay too long, there is too much living to do. It comes and goes. I put it on a shelf most of the time. It was just a particularly down kind of feeling today. I might have to make us some apple pie this weekend, you name makes one appear in my mind everytime I read it:)
    Yes, I hear you MaryPie. I get sad sometimes too. But I can't stand being sad for long so I just try really hard not to. I'm doing pretty good all things considered. I hope your sadness leaves you quickly. We need to remember that we are blessed and that unfortunatly, there are lots of people that have harder things to deal with, and that's the truth.
    It's nice to be with you Dear One.
    LOL! My family often calls me Marta Pie. It comes from a long time ago. Anyway, I like it and use it as a term of affection Mary Pie. Nothing dramatic at all. How are you doing Sweets? This beast is pretty nasty but we try to make the best of a pretty weird situation. I hope you're doing well Dear!
    Dr Bedlack had me 100% after my first visit and I am sure this will happen with you and you deserve it.------------------------------------hugs Ken
    Hi Mary,
    Hope you had a good visit with the VA and they were proactive with everything he will need.We have a very good team at our VA in Charleston.Our local PVA is excellent also.Prayers are with you.----------------------------Hugs Ken
    Hi Mary,
    I have been doing good, a few bad days,overall good.The VA has a new powerchair coming and a Van,They will be doing things to the house soon.Seabrook Island in July,good for you hope you have bright sunny days.I now go the the VA in Charleston and they also have a wonderful ALS team,Dr Kurent that leads the team is excellent like Dr Bedlack.Understand about wanting to move towards the ocean,its 12 miles down the road for me.Prayers are with you---------------------Hugs Ken
    I found some important information about the medical exam and what to expect. It should be interesting but we have to be careful and I cannot go into what I am talking about unless we can either email privately or instant message. I will explain why.
    Hi, I made it and thank you. I am looking forward to reading all of the information and by the way the medication goes according to income and what goes out. Rilutek is normally $1300.00 a month w/o insurance - w/insurance it is $330.00. You have to go to NORD and get the application to fill out. We do not live on much per month so that is how we qualify.
    Hi Mary,
    Pray things are going good for you and hubby.I was going to MUSC and they told me I should go to the VA-ALS Clinic in Charleston.I met Earnest Hill(runs the PVA in Columbia) and he gave me tons of info.The VA gave me a wheelchair,ordered me a Permobile M-300,gave me a eye operated speech device worth about 17000.00,went over the van benefits which are now 11000.00 but will change in Oct to 18000.00,also they have someone coming to my house to install two ramps.Earnest Hill is all for Vets,have you met or talked with him?The VA has the same neuro as MUSC,Dr Kurent and he is very good.---------------Hugs Ken
    Hi Mary;
    Agree with you about Dr.Bedlack and staff are wonderful.They sent all my records to Ernest Hill and I have my VA benifits also.reason I changed to MUSC is because I can be there in 2 hours and I love Chaleston,Im a history buff and as long as I can with every appointment will spend a few days there touring ect.Hope your son is home soon and you guys have a wonderful time together.
    Hugs Ken
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