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  • MaryAnn, you just sent a Visitor Message to yourself. Sadly, no one will see it here. I suggest introducing yourself in the forums. Look up right at the big red button, just below it is a blue link to the ALS/MND Support Group Forums.
    Hello to All- I am in an odd situation...My husband, John, has been diagnosed with MND, not officially ALS. He has had symptoms since 2013, but lately is losing function of his arms and one leg at a more rapid pace...He needs me to help him with certain things like shower (because he cannot raise his arms), carry things etc. He has been seeing the neurologist about every 3-4 months. When do you ask for a more definitive diagnosis? When do you say it is time to seek support? I see him lose function daily, almost, and I feel lost. Thank you for any comments, and I am pleased to have found this site.
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