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  • By the way, WORLD-CLASS neurologists at the University of Chicago! We've seen four other neurologists here in Des Moines, Omaha and Iowa City. They all simply read what the first doctor wrote in his chart and they all just went along with what the first guy wrote--that there was nothing wrong with my husband. Institutional Bias sucks! It took us a year to see someone who didn't care what any previous doctor said and they had him diagnosed in three hours. Sigh. We hate the diagnosis, but we've known for a while he had at least PLS....at least we were validated and not shooed out another door, again.
    Hi. I posted a while back. I was concerned about my husband's symptoms, but I cannot find my original post on the chat forms. He is 47 and he has had fasciulations, muscle spasms, muscle fatigue, severe pain all over his body, etc. He was diagnosed with PLS and we're to monitor him and go back to the University of Chicago every six months for another EMG, as it continues to come back normal. He does have muscle wasting that I can see and that he can see, but I think the neurologists couldn't see it as readily as we can, which is fine.
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