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  • I was diagnosed through the VA with PLS on 12/30/2013. PLS is not recognized as a service connected disability. On 04/17/2014 I went to Dr. Goslin, top neurologist at Providence here in Portland, Or and upon
    several tests, detailed EMG, complete review of ALL my VA medical records etc. I was diagnosed with ALS.
    My Dr's at VA say it's quite common for VA to diagnose PLS and then the vet gets a 2nd opinion which gets changed to ALS. In my case, with ALS, I had to retire with limited income. Thank God for the ALS diagnoses as I can now apply for and receive my 100% VA disability. I just wonder if there is an underlying motive with VA diagnosing PLS and how many veterans just accept that diagnoses without applying for a service connected disability.
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