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    just found out

    Welcome Scuba, Sorry you have a need to be here but ,, glad ya found us. I am glad to see you have a good attitude,, you'll need it. In fact that is what will help you the most,, a " good sense of humor". Come back and talk to us again,, and ,, keep us posted on your progress. Love and...
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    When disability?

    Hi Ellisa, Sorry you are having to go thru all of that. It's hard enough to have this disease, without being put thru the ringer,, so to speak. I was very fortunate in that area i guess. As i said in my other letter,, my branch requested a letter from the original neuro. and i had already had...
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    When disability?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure how many of you are presently drawing Social Security Disabiliy, but i am. So i can tell you my experience with it. In Feb. 2005 i was put on Short Term Disability from my place of work. Which only covered me until June. I had to be off work for 6 months before our...
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    When disability?

    Hey Tracy, No need to apoligize for your reply. I'd love to get more money , as i'm sure everyone would. But i have checked into this,, and was sent a letter,, from my branch of the SS. stating that because of my age and number of years worked,, this is what i get. And because of my age,, i...
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    When disability?

    Hello Leo, I'm not sure how it works in California, but in Michigan,, you will not qualify for SSI as long as you have a 401-k plan. So before you are forced to quit your job and end up like me. ,, you may want to make sure your money is working for you ,, not against you. So you may want to...
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    Another diagnosis in my family

    Sara, I'm very sorry to hear of all your loses, but i agree with you that God has a plan and a reason for each one of us. I am thankful for you that your family is a close one. My family is going thru alot of health problems right now too. Not nearly as bad as yours but bad enough. We almost...
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    time to talk

    Thanks MTPockets, That just sounds so weird, how they just let ya go home,, without figuring out anything. I'm glad it finally went away on it's own,, but sure does make ya wonder what caused it,, huh? God forbid you have to cough while crossing a busy street or something. Or turn your head...
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    new to ALSforums

    Hi Felicia Welcome, to our reality. Here you'll find answers to your questions, and shoulders to cry on when you need to vent. You said your away from your family, but i assume they live close enough to come visit. Are you allowed to leave the nursing home to go out for lunch with them from...
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    Insurance and the future

    Hello Paradox. Like the other ones on here ,, i certainly advise getting the insurance NOW while you can. I was put on short term disability at my place of work. While the doctors figured out what was wrong with me. It all went very fast for me. After the diagnosis, they had me apply for...
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    Unsure of diagnosis !

    Hello, I can only answer for myself but that is exactly how this disease has worked with me. I was real bad during the diagnosis. Then i seemed to level out for a while. Then i actually seemed to get better for short periods of time. But each time i have a bad spell, i seem to get a new...
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    time to talk

    Thanks Al, I'll let ya know what the doctors find out about my brother. Just in case they do come up with a new symptom in some people for this disease. Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Marlo
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    Inspirational song inspired by ALS

    Wow,, how wonderful t hear my words,, come out of your mouth. I find you a very inspiring person,, keep up the good work. Love and Prayers Marlo
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    Flu Season

    Hi Mike27, I got my first flu shot last week too. And my pneumonia about 6 months ago. I didn't know that shot is good for a few years. Thanks for the info. Marlo
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    Hello Rhonda, I hope you all really ,, have a happy , peaceful,,safe,, Thanksgiving Marlo
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    time to talk

    Hi Al, Thanks for the encouraging words. For some reason,, my family is being hit real hard this year with health problems. My brother is still under going more tests,, due to his fall. He passes out everytime he looks up or looks to the right. The doctors are now talking about giving him an...