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  • I want to put out a question for everybody and don't know how. I'll try this page.
    Rick has had buckets of morning congestion in his upper chest for years. The sputum is usually clear, but in the last year he has had infection a few times that called for an antibiotic to make it clear again. It seems that the more fluids he drinks, the more congestion he manufactures.
    He is scheduled for a swallowing test on Nov. 2nd to see if he is aspirating his foods and fluids.
    Is this the normal chain of events for the prospect of a PEG tube soon?
    Regards to all and bless you. Marjorie
    Joel, it took my every time I came on to figure out how to get your visitor message. I finally clicked on visitor instead of private message. I am so dumb! Now, I will be dumber because I don't know how to start a thread. AL put one one for me, I think. I only know how to post a message after others, and to click on pages 1-5 of the topics to read. I hate to admit, what is this page for and who are these 5 friends listed over on the right that I don't think I've ever talked to? I am still lost. But so enjoying the forum anyway. God bless you and your wife too! marjorie
    Hi Marjorie, this is what this page is for. Sorry it took so long for someone to post a note! But here I am - LOL. Wishing you the very best! God Bless!
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