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    Make a sentence game

    Koala : Karen only acts as lovely angel
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    Raising the white flag

    Karen We wish you a peaceful transition. Thank you so much for all you gave us all.
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    Tillie's Trees

    So glad ! He asked about the koalas yesterday ! Thank you
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    Moving forward

    What a beautiful relaxed smile ! She already knows she is loved !
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    Peculiar D day

    A special thought for all who fought and still fight for freedom. All around the world. the D day commemorations are special this year but the spirit is still here.
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    Tillie's Trees

    Hugo is the coolest !
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    How do you all feel ?

    The answer to the title of your thread is : lost
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    Tillie's Trees

    Thanks Tillie Going through rough waters Hugo helps a lot
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    My dad was recently diagnosed with ALS & I don't know how to act

    Thanks Eric for your sincerity. It certainly helps Many of us.
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    My Frank is free

    So sorry for your loss. Hugs
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    My dad was recently diagnosed with ALS & I don't know how to act

    My dad has been living with als for a few years now. All I can say from my experience is enjoy every moment. He enjoys my telling him about work family and friends. We comment the news and recite poems and sing songs as we always did. In the beginning we pretended it was not there, which was...
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    Nearly One Year

    It’s good to read you Lenore. Good vibes
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    21 year old caregiver

    Joseph I have no interesting idea to help you out of this situation, yet I am sure there is some help somewhere that can relieve you and take good care of your dad. Sending good vibes you find it soon. It is a good you talk about it, the story is likely to reach the right ear