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    21 year old caregiver

    Joseph I have no interesting idea to help you out of this situation, yet I am sure there is some help somewhere that can relieve you and take good care of your dad. Sending good vibes you find it soon. It is a good you talk about it, the story is likely to reach the right ear
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    How are you? The Remix.

    May all the good vibes around head your way
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    Tillie's Trees

    🤣 I just realized my sentence was clumsy so it sounds we hope you’ll enjoy life up a tree !
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    Tillie's Trees

    Dear Tillie We have been thinking of Australia a lot recently because of all you have been through Now that things seem to be getting better we hope that you and your furry friends can live peacefully in their trees. hugs from France from Juju and me
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    Tillie's Trees

    What a rear view !
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    How to gauge exercise?

    Hi all M’y five cents : I tend to agree that the satisfaction you can get out of exercise as long as it doesn’t take ages to recover from it can be worth it. My dad has always been very much into sports and now that he can only move his head ( just a bit) he still enjoys doing “gym” which is rom...
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    Bushfires in Oz

    Same question
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    Tillie's Trees

    Tillie you say you are in the middle of the fires and you might have to evacuate and some friends could lose their homes. Oh how to express wishes here ! I saw a report that said many koalas died because unlike many other wild animals they can’t run. The wishes are also for the animals...
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    Alphagories- a word game

    Eggless quiche ?
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    HopeNPrayer- Advance Directive discussion

    Hope, I don’t think it is about being brave or not. It is about choices. The right choice is certainly the one you agree with intellectually and in your heart. Hugs
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    HopeNPrayer- Advance Directive discussion

    There is a French singer with als who keeps composing. His name is Pone. He has a Facebook and you can googlize his name. He has a trach and is very active on internet. Just saying this. We are also wondering
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    New game -typos

    That’s exactly it !😊
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    you know what bugs me?

    It seems like no one here is aware of the others situation. They must know about you. it is indeed bugging. how about yelling it out ? ( I know you must have thought about it before) I send good vibes to help you have a soft sail through it all
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    New game -typos

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    New game -typos

    The name of my first love when I was about five or a delicious oriental dish to be enjoyed in good company