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  • Thank you! I hadn't heard that. My husband just told me the relics, art work and stained glass was intact, too. They are irreplaceable. Of course, they'll need cleaning. The stained glass is magnificent. I was so glad to hear they didn't melt. Hopefully, they can incorporate non-flammable materials into the restoration.

    Do hope you have a lovely Holy week. Our church live streams the services, which is nice for shut-ins. Take care and may blessings abound. B.
    Hi, MarieLaure, I noticed your query to Tripete and where you said you were not "religious".
    I am new here, too. Had I had the option, I would have chosen "Spirituality" for the Thread, rather than "Religion". Not everyone is "religious" in the formal sense of belonging to a formal religious denomination. That does not mean they are not "spiritual".
    *I strive to be Christian, but I believe anyone who considers them self a "spiritual" person, is welcome. The "sacred" speaks to us in ways meaningful to each.
    *I attribute my spiritual experiences to the God of the Bible. Not believing, would not nullify the spiritual experiences I have had. I would just attribute them to some other source or belief.
    *So, feel free to read, share, or question, anytime you like.
    May you discover something today to lift your spirit and bring you peace.
    May blessings abound. B.
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