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    Thank you to all of my forum friends!

    I agree whole heartedly!
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    I have read that many take Miralax for constipation problems. They have had on Senna which doesn't seem to agree with me. I told them i would like to try Miralax instead. Does anyone put it through a g tube? What dose do you take? I am down to 86 pounds and don't want to take too much or...
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    You are right Irismarie, the is spring has been heavenly, the flowers and especially the lilacs.
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    chattering teeth

    My teeth chatter as well and my jaw clamps down when I try and brush my teeth and I too bite the insides of my cheeks, once i bite a certain area I keep biting it again, ouch!
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    Good to know I'm not alone. It seems to get worse by the day. Hope it eases off.
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    Has anyone noticed that your sense of smell gets more acute with ALS? Smells really bother me now, make me nauseous. I can smell odors that others just barely are aware of.
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    feeling ill

    Hello Iris, I feel naseous quite a bit of the time. I think it is because I have such a hard time swallowing, just saliva, have a feeding tube for all food intake, and I have trouble breathing so I mouth breathe most of the time. I also get dizzy, the inside of my head spins not the room. I...
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    Bipap rubbing on nose and forehead

    I have the same problem with dry mouth, it wakes me up 8 to 10 times a night. My mouth dries out so much that the insides of my cheeks and lips adhere to my teeth and start to bleed sometimes. I put Vaseline on my lips before I put on the mask but it too dries out. I would welcome any...
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    Went to counselor yesterday!

    I take Celexa (citalpram), when I started having difficulty swallowing pills my nurse practioner prescribecd a liquid form. I used to take it by mouth but now it goes into the PEG tube.
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    Anybody else hear this?

    I never smoked, my mother never smoked and my friend Christine never smoked either, all of us have/had ALS.
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    Tellng the barber

    I agree with the resonses, just tell people and let it be known. They probably have an idea something is wrong anyway. We, my husband and I, sent a general email to extended family and friends when I was first diagnosed. We send quarterly follow-up emails after my ALS clinic appointments...
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    A couple of questions

    I had the same problem with pepper and spices. I would choke and sometimes they would turn into the throat spasms (can't remember the name). I'm glad to know your mom has gained back the two pounds. I can almost taste the delicious alfredo sauce!:D
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    Bipap information

    Ask the MDA if they can recommend someone to set the bi-pap at the level you need and help you find a msk that works. Marianne
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    Don't Focus on Dying!

    Hello Joel, I looked at the homepage for this site. It describes ALS as a "progressive and fatal nueromuscular disease". A newly diagnosed peerson, being told they have a fatal illness, is going to take that to heart. It is the truth, eventually, depending on the course of ALS, they probably...
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    Bipap information

    Hello Handinhand, I didn't qualify for Medicare because I hadn't worked in the last ten years and am under 65. My insurance company wouldn't cover the $600 per month rental fee. My husband talked with the medical supply company and they agreed to sell us one for $2,000 instead of $3,000...