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  • Hi Santa Joe...sorry I've been MIA. Really crazy busy with my kids this summer and haven't had a chance to get on here. Things are ok. THANK YOU FOR CHECKING! :) My parents just about ready to move in with me, they are just trying to sell their house. My dad's feeding tube is being put in on Thursday, he is still able to speak (not very well, however Thank God he can still speak) and he is still eating almost everything, but the doctor wanted it done sooner than later. Mom having a hard time but we keep telling her she is not alone. That's all lately, I hope you are doing well. Warm hugs...
    Mariam, just thinking of you. How are things going. You haven't posted anything in a while. Just checking in.

    Hi guys! So sorry I never wrote back to you...I just saw these posts. Reality is starting to set in as I see him progressing now. Its been almost 5 months now and it breaks my heart thinking of him being sick. He went to UCI Medical Center here in Orange County, California and my mom LOVED the doctors and service. That is an ALS specialty clinic. I am so lucky it is 15 minutes from my house. My parents are moving in with me in the next couple of months. speech is getting more and nore slurred and mom says he gets super tired. Nothing too much more new to report. Trina...hope you are well my friend... Lifeisprecious...we are def on the same boat. How is your dad progressing? My dad's hands twitch a bit and he gets pains in his hands sometimes and on his jaw area. He has some brain issues so he is just not the same person. So sad. He is in denial that he is sick. Please both of you stay in touch!!! Thanks for your support!
    Mariam, we are in similar positions. My Dad is 73 and was diagnosed in August with bulbar. Let me know if you have questions or want to bounce anything off me, and I will do the same with your permission.
    Hi Mariam,
    Just wondering how your dad's appt went today. Let us know if you get a chance.
    Take care, Trina
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