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    wheelchair on soft ground?

    Try those mats meant to put under office chairs for rolling on carpet. If you can find an office that's renovating it would probably be free.
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    I want my father to be at my wedding. :(

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I was in the exact same situation so I wanted to reply. (And my husband's mom also has cancer, so that was something we took into account as well.) My then-fiance and I stepped back and thought about what a wedding really is about. It's about forming a...
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    Worried about housing

    Ottawa - I like that idea! It would not work for us because the stairway goes around two corners, but that's really creative thinking, and I could see that helping someone else in a pinch. (That is, assuming there is enough slack in the lift line to accommodate the greater height.)
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    Worried about housing

    Thank you for all the replies--it's a big help to see how others have handled or will handle this situation. affected & mrvaughan bring up really good points that underscore just how clueless we are at this point--that we could make modifications that he could progress past needing. For...
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    Worried about housing

    The condo is entirely on the second story. I wish it were as easy as moving a bed to a downstairs room, but there is no downstairs. That is the whole problem. Thanks for the kind thoughts & replies.
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    Worried about housing

    I'm so worried about my dad. My parents live in a second story condo. He was diagnosed with ALS 2.5 years ago. I immediately encouraged them to put their place on the market, but he was still walking well (his case began with loss of upper body strength), and plus this diagnosis was tough to...