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  • Hi KR! My husband and I live in Burnsville. I also see Dr. Tyriaki at HCMC. She is awesome. I have really been impressed with everyone at HCMC but especially the ALS clinic. They have all been so wonderful. I began to notice symptoms in May of 2015 (weakness and fatigue) but Dr. Tyriaki gave me an onset date of July 2014, which was my first fall. My progression seems to be more typical. I was walking fine April of last year and I was in a wheelchair full time April of this year. I wish you and your husband good luck also. Praying for a cure. Be well!
    Hi Margaret. I see you are from Minneapolis. My husband and I live in Maple Grove, MN. The Mayo Clinic diagnosed him with 95% chance of ALS in February 2016. His symptoms began in February of 2015. He has right thigh weakness and trouble going up and down stairs and rising from a sitting position. He has taken about 3 falls. We attend the ALS Clinic of Excellence at HCMC and are very happy with the doctors there. We have been seeing Dr. Tryaki (sp?) and really like her. She is still a little perplexed since he isn't presenting with the normal ALS symptoms. She is reluctant to give him a 100% diagnosis at this time. My husband is very frustrated not knowing for sure what is going on. Dr. Tryaki thinks he has a slow progressing form of ALS since there has not been much change in the last year. I just wanted to say hi since we are all from Minnesota. Good luck in your journey. I pray every night for a cure for this awful disease. Take care.
    Hi Kelster, I go to the ALS clinic at HCMC. If you have any misgivings about the U of M, the folks at HCMC are amazing. I would love to chat more. My email address is [email protected] :)
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