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  • Hi margaritachick,
    Your mom sounds exactly like mine. My mom started slurred speech atleast a year ago, maybenot that long... but I always thought it was her medicines she was on (too much). She too was a blabbermouth in a good way. I am glad she can still talk somewhat. She has good days and bad days.
    I have my brother up by her with his wife, but my brother I fear is denying it all. He does not want to face it. They were very close. Last Monday I was there and all sisters came up to see her. 2 live 1/2 hr away but don't see her that much, and the other sister lives in lower Michigan 9 hrs away. It was so nice to see them all together. Me, my husband and our 2 kids are going down there today to spend the night with her. I am so glad. Please keep me updated on your mom. Tina
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