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  • Hi Marianne,
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season and a Merry christmas! Kirsten
    Hi Marianne, We haven't connected in a while and I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you and hope you and your family are well. Kirsten
    Thinking about you and Jim! Hope you've been able to enjoy the fall colors and take time together! Many hugs! Marie
    Thanks Marianne, you're so sweet. Sorry it took so long to reply. Not only am I not on the forum very often, I can't figure all the ins and outs of this site and I just saw your message. :) Take care, Pam
    Hey Marianne, believe it or not is a little after 11:00 here, and i just got up:) guess I was tired. Bruce let the dogs out for me to let me rest.Beautiful day here, a little windy, but just right. Going to get me a book and enjoy some quite time while I can. Hope your day is blessed:)
    One of those "can't sleep so watch some tv and see what's happening at 4 am" kind of nights. I'm two hours behind you so it was really early but I went back to sleep till Lori came at 8 to get me up. I'm soooo tired these days but even so I have some sleepless nights, oh well I can always have an afternoon nap!
    Hugs, Barry
    And I love your emails even though I don't have the energy to respond much :)
    We're traveling to NYC on October 18. Been to lots of places, but never The City. Start spreadin' the news... We're doing well. Wife just quit her job to help me at home. Hope all is well with you. -Tom
    Marianne, Yes, the grandkids are in South Dakota now, just about 45 minutes away from another one of the forum members. My wife and daughters are talking about making a trip later in October to celebrate Oliver's 1st birthday. We shall see. It would be a fun trip if the weather is nice.

    Hope you've been doing alright, Mare! It's always good to hear from you!
    Yes, dear Marianne, I see from your posts that things are, indeed, changing. We live in the moment usually, and I'm still asked about cooking as well as the garden, as Phil plans to retire from NASA Dec. 31---Yeah!
    Hi All- Thanks for the good thoughts & warm wishes. We are OK, just adjusting to some new challenges. Holding you all close to my heart. Big hugs, Marianne
    Hello dear Marianne...I pray you are having a long plateau with your dear husband, and lots of fun with the grandchildren. Mwaah and a hug! Love, Annie
    Thanks for thinking of me!!! It has been one long difficult year with out my sweetheart! I wish you the best with everything!
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