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  • Amen to your post! I'm from SE Wisconsin too. I'm in undiagnosed "wait and see" limbo hell. You won't believe this: I've had 4 EMGs in a 3 month period by 3 different neuros (long story contained in my other posts). One said peripheral neuropathy, one pointed to possible MND, and two were normal. One neuromuscular specialist says it's quite possible I have 3-5 years to live and another says I have a purely muscular disorder and "take ibuprofen". It's so frustrating! I hear you...
    Hello maralact,

    So many new ones everyday! I don't welcome every new member, it's not my job, necessarily (and it would be a full time job for someone). I noticed you are from Wisc., my wife is from Madison.
    Sorry to see you here, but, now that you are.....welcome! None of us wanted to join this club, I'm sure. However, you will find lots of very helpful, very informed and genuinely concerned people here. We're all connected in some way, to this disease. Some of us, including myself (for my wife), have not yet gotten a totally sound, 100% sure diagnosis. I thought we had, but now, I'm not so sure. We are still searching for answers. Others are sure, and can give you some excellent tips and information about this journey you may be embarking on.
    Find the right thread(s), and ask away. You will get responses. If you don't see the 'right' thread, make a new one....no problem.

    Take care, and good luck,
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