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    Inernational lefthanders day!

    I'm a lefty all the way. My sister is too. And a couple female cousins. But none of the boys were.
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    very thick saliva in back of throat ...

    Hi Max, ice chips help me. Do you get a runny nose with that too? Wishing you the best Mary Ellen
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    I worry ...

    OK, Tillie. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate ? The darker, the better for me!
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    Hi Everybody

    Hi Flash, I just started posting more too. This is a great group. I'm humbled by their knowledge, compassion, and welcoming spirit! Mary Ellen
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    I worry ...

    I worry all the times. Too many things to worry about! Need to let go of them. I'm trying but it's tough! Maybe I'll prioritize! Mary Ellen
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    I Feel Lucky ....

    I feel lucky to be alive. Lately, I find myself trying everything out there! I know it's that tick tock of the clock getting me to try things. It's now or never! Keep up the good fight! Mary Ellen
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    PEG Tube

    I couldn't agree more!
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    Wow! If a was guy I would have loved being a Santa! We went on a cruise to the Caribbean 4/13, and a group of Santas were traveling with us. So much fun! I bet you guys have great Christmas memories. Hold on to the good memories! Wishing you both peace.
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    Max say sumpin

    Hi Max, I'm fairly new but really enjoy your posts! Continue to fight the good fight!
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    I hate ...

    I hate hearing myself talk and knowing it's just going to get worse.
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    New Drugs?

    Hi, did he mention the name of the drug or manufacturer? Staying hopeful.
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    stem cell of america

    Best of luck to you! You are taking action. Good for you. You are very courageous. God bless!
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    Everything for you mum!

    God bless you for being there for your Mom. She is at peace now. Keep the smile in your mind's eye whenever you feel down. My condolence to you and your family. Mary Ellen
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    Can the damaged brain repair itself?

    Thanks for sharing, Max. You just never know! Mary Ellen
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    Message from ottawagirl

    Hi Elaine, I'm still fairly new, but already appreciate your posts and words of wisdom. So glad you are on the mend! Praying for you . Take care Mary Ellen