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    Muscle twitching, spasms, pain, weakness,, als? Please help

    Your story is similar to mine. You may just have fibromyalgia. Lyrica (sort-of) helps it. If a hot bath helps you, that may be a good sign you also don't have MS. Usually one would have a heat intolerance with MS. It may be psychosomatic if heat helps, I think. It naturally calms you down...
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    Story and Question

    I'm no doctor, but maybe you have a nutritional imbalance. Sodium is good for you; maybe you exercise too much and lost too much sodium? I read your other post and I'm happy to see you had a clean EMG. Try taking mutlivatims every day. This includes Vitamin B and D, plus magnesium.
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    My neuro said possibly BFS, and possibly fibromyalgia. She's confident it's not MS after 1 MRI, but I'm anxious about that.
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    The techs didn't say anything....I had a different Neuro administer the test. I have a follow-up in September. Should I call the Neuro that saw me and ask for further info? She's professional but rather brief.
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    I had the EMG done. They said I was "doing good" and the report says "normal" everywhere, except that I have "somewhat brisk deep tendon reflexes, but they are symmetrical." What does that mean? Was I just nervous?
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    Thank you for the kind greeting, Steve. I appreciate any insight you have.

    Thank you for the kind greeting, Steve. I appreciate any insight you have.
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    Thank you, Kim. I will be having an EMG soon. I have avoided a lot of strenuous activity. I tried to run down my hallway today. My calves felt tight and with a bit of burning pain on the sides. Not sure if that's a hallmark - feels like someone is pulling the hair out of my legs.
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    Thanks for the reply. I am not active like I used to be, especially with the onset of the leg pain as of 3 months ago. I am skinny, but hover over a computer. I wasn't exercising, than started a hard regimen 3 months ago, than stopped, and now I gently began again. I feel like I'm 80 with some...
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    Not sure if this is ALS?

    Symptoms have been going on and off for several months. Pain in the top of left shoulder. Calves have sticky, itchy pain on the sides. Thighs feel heavy. Left pinkie toe feels like it has a compressed nerve feeling behind it; seems to move sideways on its own. Occasional little "burps" in...