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  • Hi Carol, I've been concerned about you--I don't look at the list of names every time I come, but hadn't seen you around in a while. I'm sure it's getting tougher. I'm glad to see you here.
    Ann xoxo
    You need to calm down and take a look at your own posts to people. you attack people everyday. but i suppose you think thats ok because you have a terminal illness.
    If youve got such a problem with me, then pretend i dont exist and I will do the same.
    Hi Carol, just droppd by to say I am sorry about the beginning swallowing symptoms. Yes, i know what you mean, it is scarey. But there are so many brave pals here who have made the journey, and i just try to stay close and not think too far ahead. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for your post on slurred speech. Praying fro you!
    Thank you. After reading your reply I re-read my post and it does sound judgmental. That was not my intent. I was motivated out of concern but perhaps my phrasing could have been better. I am sorry if my words upset you. I have always found this forum a place to come to for support and comfort. It upsets me that I may have made your experiance here anything besides that. Lesson learned and know that I will try to be more careful in the future

    With deepest regret

    I posted this on the thread but in case you did not return to that, I wanted you to know your coments hit home. Thanks
    Carol, I think of you often and hope that life is rich and full now with your daughter there with you! How are you and do you ever see Nishant? hugs!!!
    HOW ARE YOU?? Is it working well with your daughter? I think of you every day. Howl with us tomorrow night at 9 PM. The fur babies will love it and so will we! hugs
    Carol, just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you this morning and sending you virtual hugs and a virtual puppy treat for your fur baby! How many days until your daughter arrives? Your friend, Kay Marie
    Hi Carol,

    I thought your post in reply to mine (about the suicide tourist) was the most balanced and honest of all the posts.

    I respect your candor and honesty, I also respect the many on the forum who decide to pursue extraordinary means to stay alive, However, I think the idea of calling in hospice early (although scary) is wise.

    I wish you the best, My little dog is dear to me also
    Carol, I am just soul happy that your daughter is coming!! This is good for all of you. hugs to you
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