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  • Hi mack,

    These visitors messages are limited to 200 characters, so I'll try to be concise. First, welcome. Sorry you're here. Second, that was the longest post I've ever seen, and mine were very long when I first joined up. I understand your mental state right now, we were all there, so we give you a pass on the first few.

    I'll give you the same advice I was given about posting. Most PALS have a lot of trouble reading long posts. Keep them short and get to the point. Put spaces in between your paragraphs, like I'm doing here.

    Don't take this as criticism (I had not considered it either), I'm just trying to hip you to the challenges of your readers. They also have great difficulty in responding, so be conscience of that. Most require 7,8, 12 minutes to answer a simple post, because of their difficulties, yet they still do.

    I hope you find answers, listen to the advice you get here, and good luck.

    Hang tough,
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