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  • I am on Facebook but I'm hesitant to join a PLS group because of security concerns. I don't want my business broadcast to all my friends, and I know there are probably settings to prevent that, I also know that there are flaws that allow others to see your contacts. I've got 4 kids between 20 and 26, and 2 have dropped their Facebook, partly because of privacy issues. It is a good way to stay in touch with folks, though. My kids got 'fabulous life' fatigue; everyone on FB posts all their wonderful life moments constantly and it makes the rest of us feel like we're just not living the 'fabulous life'. But I may email [email protected] is mine, if you see it in your spam. Thanks for the info, though. My speaking is okay, for now.
    Hi; I don't get on here very often, but there are a very few of us PLSers evidently. I go to Emory also-I actually live a mile or so from there, so at least no traffic. I think I've had symptoms for about 4 years, but went through the gauntlet of diagnosis, including spinal surgery, for years. It's a process of elimination, as you know. It's very discouraging-I used to do triathlons, and run; I can still swim but it's getting to and from the pool that's hard. I've been using a cane but I've also been falling. Nobody's heard of PLS, and when I say it's like slow-mo ALS, that's got it's own baggage... How are you coping? Looking forward to connecting; it's rough to have something so mysterious and without any clear treatment. How did you find the other PLS folks in the area? I go to see Johnathan Glass about every 6 months, and sometimes to the ALS support group in Marietta on 2d Thursdays of the month; great group.
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