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  • Rilusol is readily available thru Rite-Aid. As of about a month ago, they started filling my Rilusol with a generic, which is the same thing but much cheaper.
    Good Luck with your new reality.
    Hi Kim, I'm still figuring out how this forum works. Thanks for connecting. I work at FSU, coordinator for a graduate program. I'm trying to figure out the maze of retirement, social security etc. I'd really like to just stick my head in the sand.
    Lyn, I am going thru the same process. I see Michael Pulley at Shands in Jax and Kevin Boylan at Mayo in Jax. I've had three EMG and a 4th is scheduled for Wednesday at Shands. They were all dirty and were all done by different doctors, complete with NCS and lots of needles. Mine is in my left arm and left leg. I have weakness, atrophy and fasciculations all on my left side. They wanted me to wait until the end of Summer to go back but I have to make financial decisions on leaving work and taking my pension in a lump sum or annuity. Dr. Pulley is doing another EMG on Wednesday. My first EMG was in October with my local neurologist who saw brisk reflexes, some weakness in left leg, fasciculations in left foot, and I was getting cramps in my left foot and left calf. First EMG at Mayo was in December. I live in Daytona Beach so it's a too far for me to drive alone. Friends drive me. I live alone. No husband or kids. I'll be 60 in August and am a teacher at Daytona State.
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