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  • Hey Lydia, .

    Gus and Ernie would have a blast if they could play together! I just wish Ernie would forget that chipmunks exist. He almost got another one today. He had a possum cornered last night up between the house and trash cans. Life is not dull with him around.

    Oh, the cough just means I sensed it, rather than DIDN'T feel it go where it shouldn't. I've demonstrated a lack of cough response before, so everyone was happy that I did this time. Its the same at home, sometimes I'll cough, sometimes I don't, but then later feel the heaviness in my chest. "silent aspirators" (when no cough response is evoked) is every SLP's nightmare.

    Darned tube is so messy if I don't get things closed and clamped in the correct order. Spewed my vitamin concoction with lots of phyto green nutrients - so yummy looking (not) - all over the kitchen again this morning.... learning curve is steep before coffee in the morning lol
    Does Gus ever run as fast as he can in loops, like around the house, around a tree, or a circuit through the house? Sometimes Ernie just has this energy he has to burn off. It is hysterical when he does it! ..BTW, on a different subject, I took some photos of moss when we were away on vacation (I thought of you) will post some pictures from our trip sooner or later... at this point, it is definitely going to be later :)
    Gus sounds like Ernie when he runs! and schnoodles LOVE to run. (he's not that good about coming either, will almost always come for a squeaky ball - definitely sooner than someone calling him by name)... Yes, lots of open acreage, lots of deer and rabbits to chase. He was fascinated when Don would catch a fish (he put them all back in the lake though) You and I will have to catch up later, I ended up coming back sooner than planned. The PEG site is infected. Black spots on skin around the hole, and yellow ooze. No fever though. On super duper antibiotics, if I"m not a-ok by Monday, its back to the doctor again. If the spots get bigger or more seepage or a fever, its to the ER this weekend. Good grief.

    Talk to you soon. Just know that I completely "get" the whole dog thing.
    I need new Gus photos to entertain me! I'm just not recovering from the surgery as fast as I thought I would. Cheer me up!
    hi lydia,thanks for letting me know...........give her my love,i have been thinking of her.
    guess she just needs a little time out?
    i did post a supportive comment on her blog,i too was bullied badly at school.
    take care,caroline
    Doggie daycare? There is an awesome place in the DC area, I sure hope there is comparable up near you. It will make your (and Gus's) life much easier. How cute though, sounds like you're trying to get him accepted into an exclusive preschool :)

    I'll have to write you soon (too hard tonight to type) I just can't believe the shoulder! My right arm barely reaches up to top of my head, with my head bent forward, and now leftie is out of commission. When I'm able though, I've just got to share...... (insert evil grin here ____ )
    hi lydia,dont suppose you have heard from lorna?
    she was so upset the last time she was on the forum and not been back since for a few weeks.
    sent her pm and message,hopes she is ok.
    how are you? hope everything is good..........caroline.
    Good luck getting back. Write when you can. We have company coming in Friday night, originally just stopping over for the night on their way to North Carolina, but, now it will be for a couple of days at least... hope you had a nice relaxing vacation
    Feel sorry for me please. It is not even noon and we have finished the craft project ( painting minature houses for a Christmas display) for today, read numerous books, played 'I spy', 'rock, paper scissors', the living room is scattered with trucks and cars and lego pieces and the pressure is mounting for a trip to McDonald's for ANOTHER Happy meal. And you tell me that you are headed for the beach??? You torture me!
    Damn! I never shouda' dissed the power of the magnets for truly that was what started it all. Transparent as my kitchen windows -er, when i get the time and inclination to wash them! LOL
    How brave you are! What size T-shirt should I get for you, my Luvy Pie?

    Haven't heard from you in a while., Just checking. shoot me an email when you get the inclination :) (how's Gus?????)
    Hi Lydia, nice to hear from you! Aren't Schnoodles smart and easy to train? They're great dogs. I love my Chico so much, he saunters around the neighborhood like he owns it and everyone stops to say hello. Even though he is blind now, you can hardly tell, he's still a cheerful sprightly little guy. Wishing you all the best with your puppy and sending hugs. xo
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