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  • Linda,
    I typed a response to you on 8-20-10 but a few days later I saw that I sent it to myself. Ha! ha! Boy, am I new to this or what? I spent all afternoon answering folks who were kind enough to respond to me and sent all the messages to myself by hitting reply instead of underlined names. I'll learn.
    Hi, oh honey, I know just what you mean about the waterfalls some days....I had a little melt down once this past week. Looking at my beautiful family and enjoying them so much and then the next min. Wondering if I will be around next year at this time? Soooo hard,isn't it? Sending handfuls of beautiful wildflowers you way...hugs, Linda
    Hi Linda, I have had a very busy week..lots of family here visiting over the 4th. We had so much fun but I am pretty tired today. Hope you are doing real good, hugs, Linda
    There's been just a little too much negativity on the forum for me lately. The bit with Jay and Lori pushed me over the edge. I used to avoid all the Christian preaching by just avoiding that thread but lately it's been bleeding across the the other threads. I don't identify with those people at all. To each his own, I'm all for people finding their comfort in whatever way works. It's not for me though, so I don't expect I'll spend much time here anymore. I check in every now and then but I find I don't have much to offer so I stay quiet. You can reach me on Facebook, as you know, or e-mail me directly at [email protected] All the best, Dick
    Funny - I am actually posting on that today!! Just been busy - Jim has been doing pretty good and has been here more "mentally" then in several months - enjoying it while it lasts. Wore him out today at the baseball game - so we'll see if we pay for it tomorrow!
    hi linda sorry we havent caught up for a while i have been a little unwell a bit of depression but am getting on top of it now ... my symptoms are progressing a little more rapidly than i expected and as a result the fatigue is worserning during the day ... how are you going anyway with all that is happening in your life i hope you are waking up to some HAPPY :) days ... can you send personal messages ?? i can now and would love to chat more in a private manner if your keen ... let me know ... take care of yourself :))) karen
    No, you have not done anything wrong. There are certain words that are flagged for moderation and google is one of them. So, that is what happened.
    The creme fraiche for me always had to stay on the counter by or on the fridge (warmest part of the kitchen when using AC) overnight. It's been known to take 24 hours. The ideal cream would be unpasteurized, which is what the French use. If you are able, get that. I always had pasteurized heavy whipping cream, and it takes longer to "ferment". This is NOT sweet, but rather cuts a "too sweet" dessert... and makes the flavor deepen and adds complexity. I was able to get my nieces and nephew to try it. They surprised me by liking it.
    Linda, you mentioned you'd like the recipe for tomato/basil/beef soup. All my recipes are next door as I no longer can cook. However, homemade tomato soup is in many basic cookbooks. I added dried basil in wintertime, but now would add fresh as I do have pots of it. Puree in blender when ready...before adding beef. And, I made the soup after making pot roast, having saved some leftover beef, just pulling it apart with my fingers and heating it at the end in the soup. A dollop of heavy cream or creme fraiche in the soup bowls at the end would be "party mode". Creme fraiche: to 8 ounces very heavy cream add 2 Tablespoons buttermilk, stir and set out in about a 70 degree room until it thickens. Swirl the jar after about 12 hours. If ready, it will be quite thick. Refrigerate when thick, is good until it smells 'off' or turns disgusting. Yuck. Great on fresh fruit pies... or chocolate... I'm dying here thinking about it.
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