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  • To start a thread open the subforum you want to post in by clicking on the title of it ( Current caretakers or whatever). Once you are looking at the list of threads specific to that subforum look near the top left and you will see an option to start a thread. You can’t start threads from the main forum page
    Hi, LSARIOL. I'm Mike, a mod. I noticed that you have written a Visitor Message to yourself. Perhaps you meant to post that thought in a forum. To get to the forums, look at the left upper part of this screen just immediately above your name.
    I don't post much. I read a lot and can usually get answers by reading. My sister is declining rapidly. She can answer yes and no via eye blinks and cannot use her computer to speak too much because her only working limb is starting to fail (right hand). She is fed via a feeding tube. She was eating twice a day and now down to once due to feeling full. Wed, Dec 26th she said she felt full, could not breath well and requested moraphine. She is in hospiceso we have been taught how to provide this. Shortly after the initial dose 5 ml, she threw up. She does not use bi-pap. It is getting more difficult for her to breath. Today she is complaining that her stomach hurts when she laughs (Yes through all of this she still has a sense of humor!) I cannot figure out why her stomach is hurting? She is scared to take the moraphine again because of the vomiting. We have anti-nausea meds but she is unsure. Anyone experience this stomach hurting issue? I was thinking muscle related?
    Hello Everyone. My sister is progressing quickly but still has the best sense of humor and smile!! We have having our annual Halloween party at her house this weekend. She teases us regularly that she is going to have whiskey in her bolus. She cannot take liquids too well by swallowing anymore. Would it be completely ridiculous to give her a drink through her feeding tube. I know this may sound silly but this could be her last Halloween party. We are all concerned but she mentioned it so I thought I could post and see if anyone has every done that. She used to drink socially before ALS and have not since diagnoses. Anyone have any thoughts to share, I would love to hear them. She is full time in a power wheel chair and electric lifted into bed. So there is no worry of falling. Meds are minimal so we don't think a drink or two could hurt but still worry!
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