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  • Hi I'm a new member who is having problems with my muscles shaking violenty...or trembling when going down stairs or when they are contracted. I first noticed it in my legs, hands and now arms. Any ideas would be appreciated. I've been diagnosed with essential tremor but I think this may be something else???
    Hi, I saw on here where some one said that there muscles were violently shaking when they were contracted such as when weed eating. I'm having same problem and have been diagnosed with essential tremors as well as the person who posted this. I first noticed it in my legs when going down stairs. I notice it more when I'm tired. I've been working out at gym and now my arms are doing it as well. I know what normal muscle shaking is from working out this is abnormal. Just wondering if whoever it was trae?? had found a diagnosis for their problem. I believe it is something more than essential tremor??? Any help would be appreciated.
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