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  • Hi lovemysister,

    Your post is very similar to most all caregivers here. We all seem to have the same feelings and concerns. But ottawagirl was spot on with her advice. Your sister (and her husband) have probably already come to terms with themselves and this disease. It is a very emotional and sobering experience. They are no doubt dealing with it as best they can, and not talking openly about the finality of it is probably part of their own therapy.

    That may seem a bit like some form of denial, and so be it if it is. Whatever it takes to get through each day! When the time comes that she wants to share those innermost feelings with you, she will. Or maybe she just needs you yo be there for her, being the supportive sister you are. She knows that you know that she knows that you know........sisters know this stuff, and so do brothers, husbands and wives. Just keep being strong for her, she loves you for that.

    Hang tough,
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