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  • One quick question does als start in the quadriceps I forgot to mention that I had my sister test the strength of my quads and when she push down I felt cramping in the quads around my hip to my lower back my right leg was fine. So can it just start in my quads even though I had a clean emg on my legs? And is atrophy painful?
    Thank you so much for responding I appreciate it. The emg wasn't done on my thighs just my leg so I'm scared maybe the neurologist missed something. I pray that isn't the case. I'm constantly trying to test my strength. I know my left leg is getting smaller and i dont know why.
    You don't have ALS. Atrophy doesn't happen like that. In ALS, after the leg has been immobile and paralyzed for awhile, then the useless and unused muscle shrinks.

    Good luck finding out what it is. Fortunately, your clean EMG rules out ALS.
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