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  • Hi Lou,
    Can't wait for the pump, the VA is going to install it and set it all in one visit. They are calling for 4 to 7 days in the hospital to install and set it. I was amazed by the relief I felt form the test, at one point I was sitting on the end of the bed with my legs crossed and my wife commented that I was so loose I sitting like a teenage girl (she having fun too). Does the pump have any effect on what you do? I have a bunch spascitiy in the arms and shoulders the test relieved some of that, do you feel any effect on the upper body?
    Hi Lou
    Only been at the retirement thing a week, still working the honey due list. Where in Washington are you, was stationed over in Bemerton in the mid 90's. Ended up liking the East Coast Navy better. The VA has me coming down to Boston for 3 days of testing to see if I'm a candid for the pump, I sure hoping I pass the tests cause Baclofen is not working anymore. Didn't you just receive the pump?

    Hi Louise. I wrote the dates you gave me on our calender. Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you have no lasting effects from it. I'm giving you our email address. Much more simple and I check that daily where I only look at the pls site occasionally.

    Take care and stay upright. Looking foward to July.

    [email protected]
    Hello Louise,
    I hope this note finds things going ok for you. We arrived home from Fla 2 days ago. Our car was jammed full as we put our place up for sale there and packed all our personal things in. Now the bigger problem of trying to fit them in somwhere here in our rather small patio home. Sharon is doing real well having stopped chemo in the middle of Feb.

    My right leg has worsened a bit the last few months. I haven't fallen yet but don't seem to miss very many walls while moving about the house. I take a minimum dose of Baclafin before bed and that controls the leg spasms until about 4-5am.
    I'm still hoping we can get together in July. Do you have a timetable yet? It doesn't really matter as we have no plans other than around the 4th. with the kids. I'm so looking forward to meeting and really comparing our situations. There seems to be such a wide variety of symptoms and ailments posted that it gets kind of overwhelming. Jack
    lou lou...i find this upper motor stuff a laugh..apart from the obvious stuff like walking sitting standing and lying down...not much left u think but the twitches n tremours and clonus and other weird stuff is hilerious.....good for party tricks....look after yesen..loves the pooler
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