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  • Hi lotusturk,

    Haven't heard from you for quite some time. What is the latest development? Have you been to any Neurologists again?
    Please stay out of the forum except your own Do I have ALS thread which has run it's course. You are not contributing anything useful asking about Genervon - read the thread, go research yourself. Better still go and do some living, honestly life is too short to waste this way. Tillie
    I am doing just fine thank you. Sunny day here in New Zealand. Nice to talk to someone in turkey. You look after yourself. I have had very bad depression in the past. It's the absolutely worse thing ever ever ever.
    Derar Lotusturk,
    Thank U 4 the kimd words. Therre hace been a few yuongre peoople who werre diagnoesd at a yuomg age, but not manuy. Thjere R also manuy disaeses thjat mimic ALS. U may wamt 2 look thoes up. But homestly; if U just go out & 4get evreythimg 4 a whi89le, U mihgt just B surpised at how qiuclky thje symptoms disappre!
    Good Luick,
    Drear Lotusturk,
    Well comsidreing I hace PC and UMND my life is 1derful. I hace 6 great kids who R Bcomimg produvtiove citizens. 1 is marreid with 3 boys, 1 is gertring married nexct Satruday & amothre in 2 yrs. My 4 is graduatrimg from Hihg School Jume 2 as valedictorian (which means she hjas thje hihgest GPAS in her class 4.8+). My 2 yuomgest R 13 & 11.
    As 4 my actual health, it has been declimimg occer tjhe last 18 mos. I am at peace with whatevre comes. I cam not cjhange wjhat is 2 B.
    As 4 URself, listem with both ears ( I dom't want 2 appear rude-just homest). 12 Drs. hace told U that U R fime. I wuold B jumping 4 JOY. Take the meds, watch 4 side effexts, & live life 2 thje fullest! & stay away from the imtrernet...this cam B deadly. If aftre 6 months U notive a declime in UR health then by all means go back 2 the dr. But 4 now, 4get ALS or anyother diesase! I wisj I could!
    Sincere wisjhes,
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