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    Is my condition ALS with fasciculations

    Jakala your story is so much like mine, and I'm just up the rd from you in Northville. I'm two years into my nightmare. I don't have ALS (three different neuros have assured me of this) but I have very similar symptoms that won't relent. I gave up a career I loved, and my young family has...
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    General question about other diagnoses.

    I'm two years into this mess and I'm still without a diagnosis. Well I've been told its Lyme, but there is just too much controversy to take it that seriously (even though I'm trying treatment). My medical file is as thick as the bible. M taking a break from diagnostics for the time being.
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    Hello again..

    Have you been tested for Lyme? I too lurked here for months, but was told by three neuros that it was not ALS and finally allowed myself to move on. I creep on the site though, because so many people are in my prayers here. Anyway, your story is identical to mine. I've been getting treatment for...
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    Update: No ALS for Me

    Oh absolutely! Plus, I still don't have answers, so I may need to bend some ears a bit more!
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    Update: No ALS for Me

    greetings everyone... it looks like I will not be findng a home on this forum. I'm incredibly, incredibly grateful for a clean (four limb) EMG today, conducted by a neuromuscular specialist. She saw "no signs" of motor neuron disease....thank god. While this certainly doesn't answer what I have...
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    Update - as promised

    I've been a loyal follower Luke and while I don't have anything to add, I just want to say that I'm thinking of you and that your wittiness and your positive attitude have helped me through a lot. I too am in diagnostic limbo. It's been hell for a year, but I'm trying to just take things one...
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    The Fear is Wrecking My Life....

    it would probably be so weird to say I love you guys.... LOL
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    The Fear is Wrecking My Life....

    I'm taking xanax, I'm taking an anti-depressant, I'm seeing a shrink... I'm trying so hard to manage my anxiety and yet the symptoms persist and are getting worse and fear has just consumed me. I don't really have a question... I hope you don't mind me just venting out loud. I have never felt...
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    Don't want to wait anymore, just wanting a diagnosis

    I thought lyme 16 months ago when I first became ill and my GP's exact words were "no obvious tick bite, coupled with the fact we don't really have ticks in MI, testing would be a waste of time and money". Now I suspect it, but I'm well aware of the controversy and don't even know where to begin...
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    Question about Nerve Conduction Study

    thanks inventor... I def may have worded things like I was looking for someone to diagnose me. So sorry about that! You said it right though...I was basically looking for clarification on my NCS. It was clean...only one reading that said "low normal" was noted. I keep telling myself "maybe I...
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    Don't want to wait anymore, just wanting a diagnosis

    I had a clean EMG a year ago that I'm holding desperately to, but it wasn't a very in depth EMG and I don't remember the doctor asking me to engage my muscles so I'm concerned she may have missed something. I had no symptoms back then except numbness in my hands. I'm also holding firm to the...
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    Don't want to wait anymore, just wanting a diagnosis

    you're story sounds exactly like mine...down to the fact we are both 33. Only difference is my problems are mainly in my arms. I'm also without a diagnosis. I wish I could help you, but I can only say (((hugs))) and pray we'll get answers soon.
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    Question about Nerve Conduction Study

    If you have a clean NCS, does that rule out a pinched nerve anywhere in your body (NCS was done on all four limbs)? Also, I've had two c-spine MRI's, but they have never done a full spine MRI. Could a disc problem lead to the weakness and pain I'm feeling in my arms? I think not....but I...
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    News on Ted

    Wonderful article and such great news!
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    Every day worse than before....

    I've been reading so much about trfogey. Last night I cried for a man I never knew. this group has been wonderful.... thanks for letting me stay.