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  • Lotus, if you are in northville, you might want to try a Lyme literate doctor in the area. But if you were Igenex negative then it might not go anywhere. Look up Dr. Keri B. Topouzian
    Oh Margaret.....I'm so sorry to hear this. Everyone is trying to tell me depression too. I mean really???? Really??? If I thought for one second I could cure his by popping a pill and hugging it out with a shrink I would do it!! My life is wrecked from this....I would do anything for even a minor improvement!!! Please feel better soon and keep me posted on your latest tests!!!
    sorry lotus br i am in the same boat as you , can hardly walk atrophy in feet pain in back . been nearly 4 years now . They tried to tell me i have anxiety depression I dont
    another round of tests coming up soon . Its a long frightening road, feel free to pm me any time
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