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  • Lost Mother, welcome to the club no one wants to join.

    I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you've just written a Visitor Message to yourself.

    This happens all the time.

    Please feel free to post your message on one of the subforums by clicking next to the red writing that says "New Thread." That way, everybody can see and respond to it.

    I suggest posting in the "Newly Diagnosed" subforum and introducing yourself to everybody. We're very friendly here.

    Is your son a military veteran?

    i just found out my son has ALS hes married with one child... as a mother i am devastated, i am suppose to protect my children, they are not suppose to die before me, its not about me its about him.. i can not imagine my life without him in it.. how do i hold it together to help him? i am suppose to protect my children... hes not a mama's boy and has a great family is very independent. i couldn't be prouder of him. i dont want him to know how bad i am loosing it.... i want to be strong for him and his family... how? i keep saying i have him now...take baby steps one day at a time but its so over shadowed with not having him one day....oh God this hurts.....
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