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  • lorna, ta fr dropping me a line......hopes you is looking after yourself as well as your friend...helpers need to be healthy to help.....so take care . johnny
    Hey Lorna- Looks like that troll Trimph was shut down (banned) by David. I think David has ways of confirming these things- it's over my head- I'm not great at understanding computers. Just thought I'd let you know. However, sometimes they pop up again... and again and again. Sigh.
    Good news for your friend- SLOW progression is what we all desire, hope & pray for. I am Ok- fatigued- but OK. I'm one of the lucky ones- blessed with a great husband, family & friends. We are preparing for a move to a one storey place- so moving back to my home town (an hour away)- my hovering sisters can then hover at will! Ha! (did I mention I am lucky?). Will be relieved to get that over with. What once scared me ( I don't want to move, thus leaving my life as I know it), is less scary now. A new beginning for us- or as my husband so eloquently puts it- " a lifestyle change!". BTW- it's utterly useless to try to chase away trolls- they want such a reaction. I don't understand that kind of hobby... the world is indeed a strange but wonderful place. Take care Lorna-
    Hi Lorna- The troll thing- it's just that I have a good memory... and a good gut! If you click on a poster's name, a drop down menu appears and you can view previous posts- that's all I do- except in this case- I recalled the name and his/her earlier statement about having fun! (it seemed weird) Apparently my instinct was correct- he/she/it started 2 more threads today- I alerted David and poster will hopefully be shut down in due course. I hope your friend is coping- as best as possible. It ain't easy!! Hope you are finding the info you need to help your friend along. Have a good weekend.
    Lorna, I started the thread "Disgusted", and ended up closing it, as it turned into something I did not want. It did however serve its purpose, as David stepped in shortly after to take control. Glad to have you here!! HUGS Lori
    Thank you Lorna. It's great that you did some research about the poster. Much appreciated. We used to have a friend...Trfogey, who always noticed stuff like that. Very very much appreciated. Don't go away, we need help noticing this stuff.
    Lorna, thanks for the insight you've given us about the "mixer". I missed a post too. It must have been at moderation while we were posting.
    I personally am glad you are on this forum. I think you have some really good ideas about things. I like to listen to other people's ideas and opinions when they do so with respect like you do.
    Hello Lorna,

    The informative video is available on you tube:

    Title: ABC'S OF ALS

    It's a 3 part series- produced by the Forbes Norris ALS Research Center (San Francisco, I think).

    It's is a great seminar (with a bit of bad camera angles). It's an excellent place to start to understand all of the terms and the disease. My friends and family all watched it and we are grateful to have done so.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for support - anytime.
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