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  • Thanks for stopping by Lorna. We are doing ok. Though mum spends most of her time in bed she is not yet totally bedridden & so we can get out. Weather here has been beautiful which helps a lot. She started on a new drug last week to try to manage her saliva. It has made her much more comfortable which is great but has also had effects in the bladder dept which are not so good, especially since she can't communicate her needs. Did/do any of your pals have catheters? If so what's your experience with them like? Hope things are going well in your house
    I have a new TV so I'm enjoying that and a new caregiver that is getting me out. I'm too busy!!!
    Hi there- How are tricks? OMG- i dont even know what to say to that other than ROTFLMAO!
    Things are ok here- how bout up there?
    been awhile. sorry for that my friend. reaching out to everyone today as i am feeling on top of the world. i was reading how you guys came up with a solution for your PALS to have a job in your household. it made me so happy to hear that you were able to find her something to do. i bet its making a world of difference for her. every now and then i think our PALS need to be reminded that they still have so much worth...
    Anyway, i hope the rest of your family and you are well and lets try to keep in touch a little more often.
    saw you at the grocery store tonight... lol. didnt know you were a cookie :}
    hey- bet youd have a good idea for a tattoo. I started a thread so i could get some ideas. check it out- then relax (hehehe), and let the ideas roll....
    Awesome friends. A great church. And ganja. Thanks for the little laugh. i needed that.
    Getting ready to "relax". Had a frickin shady day today.
    I gotta ask you, where in the hell do you get the strength to deal with your situation?
    Ive got one PALS. How the hell do you do it?
    Sounds great to me. Your in BC, right? Guess I better come up there for the relaxation :)
    I hope you're feeling calm and steady... I'm so glad you get some caregiving help for your pals. That is such a relief, isn't it...

    It was very sweet of you to leave me a message. This is a rough ride, but the Lord does really go before us, and makes it possible. Peace to your heart today.
    Have you talked to Lisa at the ALS Society of BC? She hosts a really good one in Richmond.
    The weather has been the same here, it is raining now. Yuk
    I have found them to be incredibly supportive. Getting a PEG was a no brainer, a trache was another story but once they knew I was serious I had to convince a couple of doctors and they decided I was a good candidate and it went smoothly. Yes, they will do as you please and are very supportive. I am a strong personality and once I decide what I want no one is going to talk me out of it. But, I had no trouble with them doing what I wanted.
    Are you considering a PEG and trache?
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