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  • Hi john,lovely to hear from you...........i am ok just had alot on. How are you doing?
    Did you get out much this summer? I did not with the weather and alot of other stuff going on.
    Been into town recently?
    Please write back and let me know how you are.
    Take good care. caroline.
    hi john, how are you doing? any new news?
    my bulbar symptoms have been causing me alot of distress and its difficult to chew due to weakness ,this set off my depression ..........but i am on antidepressants now and starting to feel better. i am waiting for an appointment to see an oral specialist but dont know what they will do or can do.
    thankyou for your messages,take good care. caroline.
    hi john,good to hear from you.
    my parents took me to bridlington for the day a few weeks ago,first time to coast in oh over 3yrs.
    took me till now to get over it,days out are very tiring and even sitting for a few hours in a car is crippling for me.
    can still potter about on the old legs but not far or for long so need a wheelchair for days out now.
    still it was great to eat fish and chips on the harbour though you do get harassed by the gulls for food.

    you have a lot going on but glad its under control now...........just slow down and dont do too much.
    take care,caroline.
    hi john,was just about to log off and saw your name.
    how have you been? i hope you have your diabetes and heart rate under control now.
    have you been to see neuro or had any more tests since we last spoke?
    and were are those photos you promised?lol.
    take good care,caroline
    hi john,good to hear from you.
    hope you had a good holiday despite the weather.
    good to hear the fibrillation has calmed down,i know it can be scarey.
    would love to see some photos.
    i am ok,decided its time i need some home help as i can no longer manage.
    mum and friends have offered but i dont like to impose on them so going to see about hiring someone a few hours a week,need to get intouch with disability to up my personal care amount so i can pay someone.
    take care
    hi lordjohn,i got your message but not been on the forum much past few weeks,a lot of stuff going on my end.
    your neuro sounds nice and hopefully will find what the problem is,the good news is it appears not to be mnd so could be treatable.
    will pm you and write more soon when i can.
    take good care,caroline.
    Thank you for your get well wish! I am doing some better but still very exhausted and weak. I am sure that in time it will pass too. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Joyce
    hi lordjohn,are you still going away tomorrow?
    if so i hope you and your wife have a good time,the weather is ok and you both come back rested ready for your appointment.
    take care,caroline
    hi john,go into my profile page and go on my album "my photos",a few photos of my old garden there.
    take care,caroline.
    hi,you go to alot of garden centres lol..........skipton .........i nearly drowned in the sea there when i was little.
    sat out for an hour at a time with last years suntan lotion on,trying to brown the pastey skin lol........
    i had iced tea.
    i know too well how your legs maybe feeling,dont know if your gp will be able to give you anything but when you see neuro if he suspects spasms he should prescribe baclofen.
    i found soaking in a warm/hot bath with rosemary oil works good..........rosemary essential oil is a natural anti-spasmodic..........sadly i have a wetroom now and i miss my long soaks.
    off to bed to watch a film.........sunshine on ch4.
    take care,caroline.
    hi Caroline
    Still waiting for nc results. Legs still deteriorating, unstable on feet and can do very little before the pain sets in. Nevertheless lovely day yesterday, went to Skipton, Settle, Gardenmakers - a garden centre in the middle of nowhere... between Settle and Clitheroe, super day. Today we went to Carr Gate gaeden centre and then Tong, spent afternoon in the garden drinking tea!
    hi lordjohn,how are you?
    nothing on the tv tonight,sat outside with my cats but its turned chilly now so came in.
    hopefully the next few days are going to be nice........no scorchers though!
    take care,caroline.
    good morning to you on this fabulous sunday.
    we need to enjoy it while we can lol.
    off on my scooter later in the countryside with my son.
    dug out the suntan lotion i never got to use last year lol.
    hope you have a great day.
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