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  • Dear Friends,

    I pray that my nightmare will soon end. I have no regrets about not getting a feeding tube or trach. It was the right decision for me.

    I have some regrets. But, I'm not beating myself up; I have always had people more than willing to do that for me. Literally and figuratively.

    I wish I could thank everyone who has helped me. Some have died. Some (CALS) have moved on. Some will never see this.

    I have encountered many difficulties over the course of my life. I did the best I could.

    May we all find peace.

    I've given up falling for a PWC. I may try it again when I start using a transfer board.
    I hope you haven't had any serious injuries. I was very lucky with 9 before DX and two with the walker.
    thanks Lobster. Based on postings, my husband and you were kindred spirits. Kind, genuine, courageous and loving.
    How are you doing my Friend? I hope you're feeling good. I saw you're little note to momofsixkids and that was sweet of you to leave her a comment. The little things make such a big difference. I'm sure you did comfort her. She's a good lady. It's good to know you.
    Thanks! I think I lost my chance at that when I went back for my Masters after becoming disabled. Got too sick to finish it--but I tried.

    My loans with interest are in the 100k mark--I have no hope of ever paying them off. I doubt the 100 a month they take from my check even covers the interest each month.

    THANKS again! (I worry about you, you know. Are you ok?)
    Hello Lobster,
    You have intrigued me with your "caretaker want to vent" thread. Is there anything you would share in PM???
    Thanking you for your precious thoughts (vents... giggle) in advance,
    I feel exactly the same way, even though they say suicide is a selfish way. I feel its selfish to have people give up time in their lives spend helping me when life is so precious. Its better spend enjoying what time they have left!
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