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  • Wow! We are neighbors! Where in Winchester are you? We are right off Route 7 in Round Hill.
    Are you still getting out and about a bit? My PALS is bulbar onset as well. Are you going to clinic in DC?
    Linda not sure you got my response to the visitor message you sent me regarding foods and blenders. I posted to you the same day but it didn't show in my history. Anyway, the ninja is not as powerful as the Vitamix. You can purée a nice ribeye, or filet in the vitamix. I have thick soups that are very high in calories like lobster bisque and creamy Maryland crab soup. I add potatoes in the blender to thicken the soups. We put beef stroganoff, cream chicken over biscuits, meatloaf, chicken breasts with mixed vegetables, pretty much anything your family has for dinner you can put in the vitamix. I can still eat by mouth as long as it is the right consistency. Thicker than soup, thinner than mashed potatoes and yes, I like my food hot. Now as far as liquids, they all have to go in the tube. I would choke immediately on any liquids. Hard enough not to choke on my saliva. Hope I've helped in some way.

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