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  • Lizzie- Please check the top right hand side of your screen and select "private messages". There is no need to reply- your receipt is enough.
    Hello and thank you for your message which I have only just found.
    My symptoms continue to get worse and I now have twitching constantly throughout my whole body along with muscle pain in my right arm which is concerning me greatly. My leg issues remain the same and the atrophy has not progressed but neither has it got better.
    My doctor continues to believe that it is largely anxiety based but I struggle to believe this.
    I do hope that you have found some answers and things have improved for you :)
    Hi Lizzy.

    I am having the same thing as you since 1.5 months. I did an EMG and the study revealed as doc said. Lumbar radiculopathy on L5/S1. One year ago I had pain. I am still concerned as my right calf is a bit thinner but it was always this way.

    People and 3 neuros tried to reassure me that is not ALS. My father died of it in 2005 so I am now destroyed. But It seems that calves twitching it's a trend for lumbar radiculopathy...

    I am not giving you any advice as now I am in the same situation but just wanted to tell you that you're not alone :)
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