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  • I had to laugh when I read your post about your husband drying you with the blow dryer! My husband is my care giver and we laugh at so many things we have to do since I was diagnosed with ALS! We find humor in everything! This keep us going...keep up the laughter...it's the best medicine!
    I worked in Largo at a nursing home when I was doing my clinicals for Speech. I'm about 20 min from Clearwater beach. The city of Clearwater starts at my corner. I like it here. We go back to LI every summer. My family is there, Staten Island and Jersey. I was the only defector :)
    Hi Lizzy,
    I hope you liked the tea thread. It's good therapy for me. I'm originally from Lindenhurst LI. Live in Palm Harbor Fl now.
    Sorry you have to join us, but the folks here are extremely helpful. I was recently diagbosed as well and have found this to be a great source of help and information. If you've been reading, I'm sure you've noticed that all subjects are fair game!! :)
    Again, sorry about the dx, but welcome aboard!
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